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This book is a tremendous stimulus to seeing the world as God would have us see it. Creative, illuminating, and godly.

– Vern S. Poythress

Hibbs persuasively expounds his view that language is communion behavior. This thesis has a huge importance, and therefore I hope that the book finds many readers.

John M. Frame

Any budding student of theology will profit significantly from the language skills absorbed along this reverent theological pilgrimage. 

– David B. Garner

I love this book. We read that loneliness is epidemic in our modern world, yet our Creator is ready and willing to listen to us at any and all times. In fact, He created us to commune with Him, and invented language so that we could participate in this great blessing. Read this and learn to grow closer to the God who speaks, and listens.

Reader Testimonial

Hibbs invites us to rediscover . . . the ultimate source of all language in the divine Trinity. Fresh, compelling, it is required reading for anyone wishing to navigate the challenging field of linguistics and make Christian sense of it.

– William Edgar

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Among today’s senior Reformed theologians, Dr. Vern Poythress may
well be identified as the dark horse. Vern is modest and unassuming, but he is a polymath of outstanding quality and has contributed much of importance to evangelical thought at a foundational level.

J. I. Packer

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Struck Down But Not Destroyed: Living Faithfully with Anxiety