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We Long to Be Insiders: Known and Loved

Deep in the human heart is a longing to be fully known and fully loved. That’s what it means to be an insider. The good news of the gospel is that the ultimate insider of the triune God, Jesus Christ, has come to outsiders . . . to make us insiders.

In Insider Outsider, you’ll learn not only how God has made us insiders, but why. In Part 1, tracing the theme of insiders throughout Scripture, Pierce Taylor Hibbs shows readers the God of beauty, personal knowledge, and love. And this sets us up to learn how we can talk about our faith with others (apologetics).

In the second and third parts of the book, readers see how we can apply the insider-outsider theme to a defense of our faith in gracious conversations with outsiders, especially in the areas of beauty, identity, and story telling.

Insider Outsider promises to help Christians rediscover the glorious goodness and beauty of the triune God while offering concrete resources to help them talk about their faith. Ideal for small group study with prayers and discussion questions, Insider Outsider meets a culture hostile to Christian faith with the wonder, majesty, and love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Only God can help outsiders. Only the inside can reach the outside. 

 “Original and imaginative, but also practical and devotional. The insider-outsider theme is keenly observed and brings together the apologetic of the gospel and gospel of apologetics. Read it, discuss it and use it.”

- Dan Strange

Releasing November 28th

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