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This book will help you to see God everywhere, for that is where he is.  John M. Frame

Pierce has a contagious child-like sense of wonder in the everyday moments and opportunities so many of us miss.  Aimee Byrd

Dillard-like in their penetrating observations of creation, and Hopkins-like in their “Glory be to God for dappled things” celebration of the Creator’s work.  R. Kent Hughes

These pages combine the eye of a keen observer of the world around with statements about God’s nature and purposes. The book is both playful and lyrical.  William Edgar



Routine has a way of anesthetizing us to daily detail. We often need something to snap the smelling salts and bring us back to marvel at the world in which we live. One of the ways I bring myself to contemplate the particularities around me is by listening to instrumental piano music. Some people far more educated and experienced in music than I am might call it “new age” or something like that. But all I know is that it makes me think, and that’s what I want early in the day.

At the time of my writing this, my son Isaac is four years old. I say about him what all parents likely say about their own children: Isaac is special. More specifically, he is a highly sensitive, deep-feeling little boy. This leads both to blessings and difficulties for him. On one evening, I found great joy in one of the blessings. But I was surprised by it, for it emerged from a seed of sorrow.

Strange, how we promenade so thoughtlessly through the divine presence of God. In him, “we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28).1 God is not just our Lord; he is our very atmosphere. Every day we awake to a world that is saturated with God’s presence. God is here. He is among us. For me, nowhere is this more apparent and more striking than in our use of language.

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Reader Testimonial

I am completely blown away at how I have missed God in the ordinary things in my life. I just Love how the author so eloquently describes how he saw God in the ordinary. My favorite chapter is “The Sun on My Cheek.” I can feel the gentle touch of God when the sun rests on my cheek.

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