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Can I really get closer to God?

Identity. Purpose. Destiny.

Do you miss feeling “close to God”? Have you been a Christian for a long time, but feel distant from him? Do Jesus’s words in John 17 sound too good to be true?
Award-winning author Pierce Taylor Hibbs (Struck Down but Not Destroyed, The Book of Giving, The Great Lie) offers hope from the only one who can give it: God himself. Exploring Jesus’s amazing promise that we would be one with him (John 17:11, 21), Hibbs shows how our intimate relationship with God defines us, directs us, and carries us into eternity, where loving communion with God in fullness awaits.
But beyond offering biblical ideas, the author actually lays out a concrete path for readers to get there: to commune with Christ by reading Scripture, praying, and worshiping in light of our oneness with God. This is a book that gives both an answer to our lostness and path back to a joy-filled, grace-infused life with God.
“Reading and re-reading One with God was good for my head and my heart. The more I understand, the more my heart is filled with awe and love. Indeed, this little book is no quick read, but rather a book to slowly and prayerfully read again and again.”

- R. Kent Hughes

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