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What Does It Mean to Bear God’s Image?

Reaping God’s Presence

Satan’s Great Lie and Our Relationships

Satan’s Identity and MO

You Are an Immortal Letter

How Do Hearts Grow?

Love Cannot Be ‘This’ for ‘That’

God’s Patterns and Our Problems

Limitation Leads to Relationships

What You Gain from Loss

Job and the Deadly Spiritual Equation

I’m after the More. Are You?

Thought Exercises for Christians

We Go to Give: Why We Show Up for Church

Deceit: The Devil’s Native Language

What If Thoughts Are Evil?

More: What God Wants for You

Suffering and Giving? The Connection

The Great Lie: An Allegory for Humanity

Sin Is Death?

God’s Great Gospel Question

Christian, Here’s When You’re Allowed to Apply Scripture

Yearning for Oneness with God – A Preview from My Next Book

Giving and Gifts of the Spirit: Part 2, Joy

The 3 Most Important Truths I Learned at Seminary


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