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All of the articles and essays below have been published elsewhere, either online or in print. They are organized by topic. You are free to download them, but only for your personal use. I hope you find encouragement and inspiration here.

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Abiding in Peace through Anxiety
A House Built upon the Rock: Finding Our Identity in Christ
Panic and the Personal God
The Power of Remembrance in the Face of Death
What to Say to Christians Battling Anxiety
Words of Counsel_Part 1: A Biblical-Theological Foundation
Words of Counsel_Part 2: Letting Words Work


Where the Outside Ends (A Reflection on My Father’s Cancer Battle)

God in the Ordinary

Why I wrote Finding God in the Ordinary
The Birth of Brawn


Closing the Gaps: Perichoresis and the Nature of Language
The Connection between Metaphyics, Epistemology, and Language
Death, Dogma, and Discourse
The Emic and Etic, Immanent and Economic
Imaging Communion: An Argument for God’s Existence Based on Speech
In the Beginning Was the Word: John 1:1-5 and a Revelational Theory of Metaphor
In a World of Speech
A Kingdom of Listeners
Language and the Trinity: A Meeting Place for the Global Church
Literal, Metaphorical, or Neither?
A Theological Critique of Learner Autonomy
Where Person Meets Word_Part 1: Personalism in the Language Theory of Kenneth L. Pike
Where Person Meets Word_Part 2: The Convergence of Personalism and Scripture in the Language Theory of Kenneth L. Pike
Why Language Is Everything
Words for Communion
World through Word: Towards a Linguistic Ontology
PRESENTATION: Global Missions Fellowship at Westminster Theological Seminary: Kenneth Pike and the Emic/Etic Distinction in Relation to Missions
PRESENTATION: Global Missions Fellowship at Westminster Theological Seminary: Language as Communion Behavior in the Context of Missions


Beauty Embodied
Dostoyevsky and the Panacea for Personal Judgment
Meddling in the Mind of Melkor: The Silmarillion and the Nature of Sin


The Burden of Blood
Finding Truth in the Top 40
The Greatest Threat to the Gospel
Looking for Rewards in All the Wrong Places
Sound and Perspective
Stolen Capital: The Weight of Words in Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’


A Christmas Reflection
Finding Gratitude in Unlikely Places: A Thanksgiving Reflection
Oh Night Divine

The Trinity

Do You See How I See: The Trinitarian Roots of Human Perception
The Emic and Etic, Immanent and Economic: Perspectives on Theology from Language Theory
The Heart of Trinitarian Heresy
Language and the Trinity: A Meeting Place for the Global Church
A Note on Trinitarian Analogies
Solipsism or Empathy? Beating the Devil with His Own Tricks
A Trellis for Trinitarian Theology
Truth as a Person
You Are They: Human Identity and the Trinity
A Linguistic View on Divine Persons


A Christian View of Writing 
Poor Prose Is Poor Theology
We Who Work with Words: Towards a Theology of Writing
Russian Translation by Natalia Vakulenko
Writing to Strangers for the Savior

Book Reviews

John Frame, Theology in Three Dimensions