Do You Find God in the Ordinary?

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Dear Friends, I'm excited to announce that Finding God in the Ordinary is now available! Here's what people are saying about the book:

• This book is a tremendous stimulus to seeing the world as God would have us see it, and interacting with the world as God would have us interact. It helps us by showing what was always there, God’s presence in the ordinary. Creative, illuminating, and godly. – Vern S. Poythress, author of Knowing and the Trinity

• I loved this short book by Pierce Taylor Hibbs on Finding God in the Ordinary. It is Scriptural, wise, and beautifully written. Reformed theologians are not supposed to write natural theologies, but the Bible itself says that God is clearly revealed in the creation, and that means not only in the big things like the skies and the mountains, but also in small things, like my morning cup of coffee. This book will help you to see God everywhere, for that is where he is. – John M. Frame, author of Nature's Case for God

• The meditations upon life’s commonplaces that Pierce Taylor Hibbs has crafted in this remarkable volume are Dillard-like in their penetrating observations of creation, and Hopkins-like in their “Glory be to God for dappled things” celebration of the Creator’s work. And more, because Hibbs’ meditations are grounded in a robust, polychrome doctrine of the Holy Trinity, they help us to see the work of the Three-Personed God in all of life—the extraordinary ordinary of our own lives. – R. Kent Hughes, author of Disciplines of a Godly Man

• In this precious volume Pierce Hibbs has done what few can achieve. These pages credibly combine the eye of a keen observer of the world around with statements about God’s nature and purposes. Putting it that way sounds a bit grandiose, for the book is both playful and lyrical, at times overflowing into poetry. The author finds God in the commonplace instances of life: specks in a cup of coffee, a child’s innocent laughter, the sun bathing a pet dog, the harmonious flights of starlings... He sees in each of these traces of deep doctrines based in Scripture: the Love of God, the storehouse of divine memory, God’s omnipresence, his providence. Interspersed are Hibbs’ insights into language, which is his great specialty. This is a book I would give to many people, believers or not, as it would introduce them to our God, whom they would meet in the ordinary. – William Edgar, author of Created and Creating

• Pierce has a contagious child-like sense of wonder in the everyday moments and opportunities so many of us miss, leading to theological and worshipful reflection of God and all his glory. Read this book devotionally to regain your sense of awe and connect it to your sense of God’s presence in the world he created. – Aimee Byrd, author of No Little Women and Why Can’t We Be Friends?

The publisher was kind enough to let me offer you a FREE chapter. Click HERE to download it.