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God Says 

Little creature whom we love,  

We spoke a space for you. 

We parted the waters in the glory of our light 

And made the heavens for you to gaze at. 

That was our second day, a day of separating. 

But then we gathered.  

We brought the waters below together 

And made the ground appear.  

Then we named them. We called them by a sound. 

And as we looked upon them, 

We saw that this was good. 

I Say 

I take space for granted.  

I walk in it without a thought. 

The sky I see and marvel at. 

But this space, this place for us, 

I cannot find my gratitude for it. 

Thank you, my maker, for separating the waters, 

For making a way for me. 

And thank you for being a gatherer.  

You brought together the waters  

So we could walk. 

Here I sit on a piece of earth 

That you rose out of the waters, 

Baptized by your speech, 

Made good because of your greatness. 

I have space and a place to stand 

Because of your words for me. 

What do you say?


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