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God Says 

Then we did it: we made mirrors, 

Sparks of our light, little flames of glory. 

We made them to commune with us, 

Lesser lights with the greater light. 

They would draw near to us and to each other, 

As we commune with ourself, 

Each to each, and all to one, 

For one is three. 

Then came the blessing of abundance 

(We spoke to them directly, as with a friend), 

To make more of two, to multiply, to spread. 

And we gave them the grand gift of everything 

That held the breath of life. 

And with abundance came dominion, 

Governance in grace. 

We gave them crowns as king and queen, 

Jeweled not with gems 

But with generosity, 

For they would serve the high, the low, the in-between. 

Only this sort of royalty is worthy of us. 

We looked at all we made—with a steady gaze. 

And we pronounced it very good. 

I Say 

I don’t often think of myself as a mirror. 

My soul lacks luster from my faithless heart, 

Which heaps the dirt of self upon me. 

I want to commune with you so badly, 

To trust your presence and speak boldly. 

But I doubt. I distrust. I feel alone. 

Grant faith to my faithless heart 

So that I can reflect your light. 

Yes—make me a reflection

As for my crown, its jewels are caked in the dirt of self. 

Wipe them clean. Sow seeds of giving in me, 

So that I might wield the wonder of your grace, 

And not the weariness of my own malcontent.  

What do you say?


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