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God Says 

I am light, little one.  

When I spoke the stars into the silent black, 

It was not to create something new 

But to reflect something old. 

I uttered my Son in the power of my Spirit 

To separate again, as we did with the water and the earth. 

We made a way for you. 

We gave burning lights to you for signs and seasons, days and years, 

Markers of something passing, something else we made—time. 

With light came markers for minutes, markers for passing, 

Markers for growth. 

The two great lights we made as rulers over two kingdoms, 

A separation that is good. 

We did not want the darkness to have fellowship with light. 

This was the fourth day. 

I Say 

I see the stars on clear nights. I admire them. 

But I don’t think of them often enough. 

I don’t think of them as signs and markers. 

And it takes me a moment to understand 

How they are only reflections of a greater light. 

As for the sun and moon, they are my ordinary. 

Routine dulls my heart. 

I need your Spirit to scrape away the calloused skin  

Around my soul so that I can marvel again. 

These are rulers and separators, and that is good

My God, help me to look at these lights 

As burning fingers, pointing beyond themselves 

To you, the original light, the greatest light, 

The greatest love. 

What do you say?


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