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I have a strong desire to help you as a reader grasp the Bible as God’s speech, particularly God’s speech to you. To that end, I’ve written devotionals here that I hope will help you do that. The point is to read Scripture and hear God’s voice, and then to offer your own voice in response. We need constant and continuous dialogue with God, so I encourage you to take up this model in your own Scripture reading. Ask, “What is God saying to me through this passage? What do I have to say in response?”

Each of the devotionals below includes a paraphrased passage of Scripture, presenting what God says. I have done my best to make sure the paraphrase is true to the text of Scripture, and yet I also draw on messages in other parts of the Bible to draw our attention to the personal address of God’s speech. Each devotional also includes something that I say in response. But I encourage you to fill in that part for yourself. Make the dialogue real and concrete.

I pray that these are a blessing to you in your walk with the Lord, who is always speaking. Always.  


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