A Woven Home

There had been nothing but air. Openness gave itself to shape In the eyes of the orioles. And the building commenced. Shards of grass came first, Some blunted at both ends, Some pointed. Strand upon strand, Woven with tact and needle beak, Sewing with their face fronts. The shape slowly took the glory of concreteness. […]

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Brined Streets

They’ve brined the streets, Dusted the face of the asphalt with white. The frozen wind is whipping, tree canopies tipping, White brick houses standing steady and ready for snow. They’ve brined the streets, Pale blue crystals winking at the sun. The dogs are all indoors, sleeping on the floors, Paws down in the sun, dreaming […]



Hope lies in the petals of the white daisy after a heady rain. Beneath the charcoal clouds and the braying wind, it’s plain. With every drop it nods amen, before the sun lifts its crowning head. It enters into shadow but rises from the dead. Spread the word about good words 🙂


I know many people who think it is a “sin” to post or read poetry online. But I know from experience that the potency of language isn’t restricted by one medium. The poems I share here I hope will be a blessing to you and will travel in your memory, lifting high the great Poet […]