The Greatness of Small-talk

[[Note: This post contains affiliate links.]] For most of my life, I hated small-talk. It was forced language, spoken with complete awareness that you didn’t care about the discourse, that the words were as close to meaningless as they could be, that you should save your breath. Small-talk as Phatic Communion As I’ve taught English […]


The Hope in Home

Much lives in a single word. Near the end of his life, my father lost his ability to speak — one of the effects of pressure that his tumor was putting on his brain stem. Most of the time, he would point to pictures on a chart or try to indicate with facial expressions what […]

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Entering the World of Language

Our seven-month-old recently cracked the hard shell of language with her tiny tongue and came rolling into the linguistic world. I’m delighted to report that her first word was “da-da.” I’ve reflected on this a bit as I’ve watched her use that word over and over again for a few weeks. That little two-syllable expression […]

The Always Speaking God

[[Note: This post contains affiliate links.]] The most mind-blowing truth I’ve ever come across as a theologian is also the simplest: God is always speaking. Always. Why is that so mind-blowing? Well, we live in a world where it often feels difficult to connect with God, to maintain a tangible relationship with an invisible being, and […]

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