The Crucified Husband: Ephesians 5:25

Marriage always provides fresh opportunities for personal growth, especially for people like me who forget what they’ve learned so quickly. Sin, after all, isn’t just a threat to present and future behaviors; it’s a threat to our past as well, a threat to our memory. Learning lessons isn’t always what’s difficult for us; remembering them […]

Nothing Gets Lost on God

I have wanted to write about this for some time, but felt that I should hold off, out of respect for the family. One of the chapters in Finding God in the Ordinary is about the memory of God. In that chapter, I write, “The Trinity never forgets.” It’s a simple idea, really, with profound implications. And […]


How To Get A Heart of Gold

One of my favorite songs is Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold.” His plain harmonica still cuts through a contemporary ocean of music that espouses materialism and seduction. Amidst the fleeting fancies of popular culture, thereĀ areĀ things worth pursuing, things worth striving after. A heart of gold, I think, is one of them. Of course, what isĀ a […]

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