Anxiety and Marriage

This post contains affiliate links. This is a draft of one of my chapters from my forthcoming book on anxiety (the title of which I’m still debating). Hope it’s helpful! Throughout, I reference the CHRIST acronym, which I unpack in the book. I’ve put a picture of that below for your reference. We have to […]


How Should Christians Face an Anxiety Disorder? Counter Intuitive Advice

[[Note: This post contains affiliate links.]] I’ve been thinking a lot lately about anxiety disorders (my own and others’) as I work on my next book (Struck Down but Not Destroyed: Living Faithfully with an Anxiety Disorder, coming 2019, God willing). In preparation, I read John Mark Comer’s excellent book, My Name Is Hope (you can read my review HERE). I’m currently […]


Anxiety and Anticipation

2:35pm. Minutes before joining a friendly podcast to discuss writing as a Christian vocation, I found myself pacing in the office. My throat felt too small, like a rolled up piece of paper slowly constricting. The sensation made me swallow every few seconds: my mind’s way of making sure everything was still working. I swung […]

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