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So, this is where my mind and heart have been for over six years (and it’s probably where they’ll be for the rest of my life): language. I call language communion behavior. Without boring those of you who are more practically minded and have little time for abstractions, let me tell you why this has become central in my own spiritual life.

  1. Language is at the center of who God is. God is three persons (Father, Son, and Spirit) who eternally speak to one another in a language of love and glory. Their language is a reflection of their unfathomably deep and perfect communion with one another. Language, in this sense, reminds us that we worship and serve a speaking God, a God who not only speaks to us but also speaks to himself.
  2. Language is at the center of who you are. God made you and I in his speaking image (Gen. 1:27). If language is central to who God is, it’s also central to who we are. We are speaking creatures, made for communion with the speaking God and with other speaking creatures. 
  3. Language is at the center of what the world is like. Because God used language, his communion behavior, to create the world, and because he maintains and governs all of the world through his Word (Heb. 1:3; Col. 1:17), all of reality is worded. That is, all of reality has something to say about the God who made it. Our world is not cold and impersonal. It is richly personal and always revealing the God who is three persons in one essence: the Trinity.

I can’t stop thinking about all of this. I can’t stop praising God for it. I can’t stop learning more and more about God, myself, and the world because of this. I’m excited to share more with you in the weeks and months and years ahead. 

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